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photobooth friday

photobooth friday

plaid pants

i have a "thing" for plaid pants. mostly old guy pants from the sixties and seventies. if the label or waistband reads "expando" or "sans-a-belt" i'm drooling. the problem is i have girlie thighs. large ones. and old guy pants don't so i haven't worn any in awhile. in fact i even gave up a few pair. the pair in the picture however, i still own. i mean come on, they're like circus pants. a nice polysester orange & blue plaid? how could i resist?


i really love wearing plaid old man pants too. i have many pairs.
are they easy to find in arizona? i remember some great thrifting in glendale and pheonix...can't find plaid pants in l.a.. bah!
yeah they are pretty easy to find if you have a size 32-36 waist i have a size 38-40 so when i find a pair its like finding gold. sometimes i will buy the smaller sizes and just not wear underwear so i can fit into them.
out here you can never find them in a 36 waist (i'm a 34 but the legs never fit so i go up a few sizes...)...mostly 28-30 and then 40 and up! i can keep an eye out for ya if ya like? :)
that would be sweet! i will do the same!
yay! I finally registered with live journal so I can leave comments on all your lovely entries. today, I am a woman. haha.

anyway- love this one. I would've never thought to stand up in the booth. brilliant, my friend. and-- great pants.
heehee! and i just enabled anonymous comments! bah! i love these pants...this pic works well for them cuz you don't have to see the wide gaping waist and the ultra tightness around my thighs and bum...they look quite ridiculous and i need to lose those maui pounds before i even attempt to put them on again!

congratulations on your new found womanhood!


too big pants?

Could you try buying them several sizes too big so that they fit flatteringly around the thigh and ass area and then just wear a belt around the gaping waist? Or let them sit on your hips as 'lo-riders' and take up the bottom hems?

I have the same problem, being a large-butt, small-waist kinda girl. Totally sucks, but all the same I refuse to give up chocolate brownies and potato chips for the sake of fashion.

xx Helen
Wow, those pants are awesome! I have a thing for plaid pants, too. I'm pretty good about getting rid of clothes that no longer fit me, but I never part with my plaid pants. Someday I will be able to get back into my charcoal, orange and yellow plaid trousers, and even if I never do, it makes me happy just to see them hanging in my closet.

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